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Frequently asked questions

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When you confirm your order, a message confirming the command appears.
In addition, a confirmation email is sent to the address that was entered in «my account».

My order is in status 'In PREPARATION': some books are in order with our editors.
My order is in status «Ready»: the order is complete, an email is sent to you

If the command is still in the basket, it is possible to complete the initial command.
A posted command is no longer editable. Need to press another command.

It is possible to order for several children at once. The invoice printed at the end of the command will detail the distribution by class.

Yes, the Paypal company which manages the website payments ensures all standards of security and verification of authenticity of credit cards.

In the pad 'Command - billing DETAILS', indicate the VAT, the coordinates of the company and check the box "ask Bill"

It is possible to cancel an order by email at info (at) within 48 h from the registration of the order.

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